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Holiday Marketing Tips For Coaches & Course Creators

business tips marketing sales Dec 12, 2022
Holiday Marketing Tips For Coaches & Course Creators

Did you know that the holiday season accounts for 20 percent of annual sales, and it is often responsible for up to 30 percent of some businesses’ total sales.

This is for you if you are not afraid of sales and you don’t have money mindset issues!

You are empowered to increase your profit, smash revenue goals, and get a piece of over $1.28 to $1.3 trillion in holiday sales.

From November till January 31st, more people than ever will be online looking to buy coaching services, products, and offers. 

Step 1: Determine your coaching promotions, deals, or special holiday offers

Before you can get started you need to figure out what type of promotions you’ll be offering this holiday season.

Some suggestions are:

  1. Gift Cards: Gift cards are the most desired holiday gifts — with 61 percent of people looking forward to them during the holiday season. 
  2. Percentage Off: If you are selling coaching products or services, offer a percentage off for a limited time. This is so easy to implement! Just choose a percentage, but make sure it’s something worthwhile. Shoppers want real deals, a minimum of 30 to 40% off is the norm during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  3. Exclusive Holiday Coaching Products & Services: To stand out, you could create an exclusive coaching program, product, or service offering only available during the holiday season. This helps create a sense of urgency for your potential coaching clients.
  4. Free Shipping: Do you have a physical coaching product? Like a journal or a planner? Then offer free shipping! Those two magical words are even more valuable than a discount. Everyone loves free shipping.

Step 2: Promoting

Once you have your offer sorted create a schedule for sending emails to your lists and past coaching clients. Not sure what to send? Here’s a simple strategy you can follow:

  1. 2 weeks before your promotion send an email announcing your coaching offer.
  2. On your coaching promotion launch day, send an email announcing its start.
  3. Every day, send reminder emails to stay top of mind.
  4. 2 days before your promotion ends, send a promotion ending soon reminder.
  5. Morning of the last day of your coaching promotion,  send a last chance email reminder.

And don't forget to promote it on Social Media. You can schedule that too!

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